Steve Masel , 19 Feb 2018


Hi Murray, You've asked me to comment on your 'Open Negotiation" method of sale that we participated in last month. In summary - I'm greatly surprised at the positive result. You arranged this online auction method with our staff members and I personally was very cynical as I'm old school and didn't expect any positive results and thought that it would be a waste of time. However, the result proved me totally wrong.  You obviously did a considerable amount of work beforehand with the the registered bidders, and as you predicted, there was great interest and participation by 9 bidders resulting in an excellent outcome exceeding our price expectations. I'll put my hand up to acknowledge my earlier ill-founded pessimism and now acknowledge that this method of sale worked tremendously well and resulted in a very favourable outcome. Thanks again for your efforts in convincing us to go ahead and step into the new world and we will be speaking with you again regarding selling the next property under the same method." Yours faithfully Steve Masel - Director of Reliance Finance