Professional, patient, ethical, fast.

Todd Paterson , 31 Jul 2019

This is the second time Murray Wellington has helped us with the purchase or sale of a property. Murray has also helped us place a number of good tenants in our rental property previously. The service Murray gives is of the highest standard. He uses innovative online techniques, on multiple listing websites, as well as the Openn Negotiation app to get the best possible price in a particular market for his clients. If you don't know what Openn is, ask Murray, he explains it so simply that it just makes sense. With the sale of our property, we had a tight time frame of less than a week to receive an offer that we would be happy with and accept it. Within one day, Murray had the offer and acceptance documents signed. Selling a property doesn't get any more simpler or faster than that, especially in a slow market. Murray, thank you for your fantastic service. I would recommend Murray Wellington to anyone considering buying, selling or renting a residential property. Todd Paterson